Business Advisory Board


Harry Lander, PhD, MBA

Dr. Lander has over 20 years of professional scientific, business and financial management experience related to biomedical research. Dr. Lander has had extensive experience in establishing the Sidra Medical and Research Center in Qatar as well as the implementation of a $650MM research building at the Weill Cornell Medical College . He has extensive relationships with large and small biotechnology / pharmaceutical companies and entities that Brunei Cancer Center can leverage for economic and scientific growth. Dr. Lander is currently President of Regen BioPharma, Inc. a publicly traded biotechnology company. Formerly he has served as Research Chief / Administration for Sidra Medical and Research Center (Doha, Qatar) and Assistant Provost for Weill Cornell Medical College (Cornell University). He has extensive experience running complex organizations and establishing new ones.

John Peck, Jr.

John Peck Jr graduated from Northern Illinois University in 1966 with a BS in Business. He spent the next three years in the US Army as an ordinance officer stationed in Southeast Asia. Upon returning to the States in 1969 he worked for RCA and Intel while pursuing an MBA at Depaul University. In 1976 John joined Meridian Leasing as employee number 5. In 1994 John (now CEO) and a Partner purchased Meridian Leasing (now 150 strong) from ownership that was in a consolidation mode. John’s share was bought out in 1997 and he started investing in commercial real estate with an emphasis on the large Multifamily properties. Currently John is doing a little land development work and has found the “New Wave of the Future”in the Biotech Community. At present he is invested in 7 Biotech firms. John and his wife,Vera, have been married for over 45 years and have had two children.

Nimesh Goel, BSN

Nimesh Goel graduated with a BSN from West Coast University in California. He is a founder of multiple startups with the vision to achieve innovation in healthcare technology. He founded BrewMed, a company focused on developing medical devices for all professionals, with a keen focus on improving patient care. Nimesh is also a cofounder of Dyo Biotechnologies, a company focused on delivering end-to-end precision medicine solutions to organizations and institutions across the globe. His clinical experiences have enabled him to identify solutions to enhance patient care, he has filed several patents over the years for his inventions. His experience in managing the startups has included authoring various patent applications, secured funding from investors, leading the R&D for his devices, contracting manufacturing companies throughout Asia and integrating scalability solutions. In addition, he has managed logistics, trained and deployed a sales force, negotiated with various distribution channels, and managed company financials. His array of experience and visionary outlook has enabled him to identify and optimize new opportunities for continual business development.

Paulo Ferraz

Mr. Ferraz has pioneered the introduction of Information Technology in a variety of fields and markets around the world for four decades. In the eighties he developed multiple technical systems working as a systems analyst for Control Data Corporation in Brazil, including military and space applications using Artificial Intelligence. In the early nineties Paulo moved his interests and skills to biotech and the nascent internet industry, helping to open new markets in molecular modeling and drug discovery as Latin America Operations Director for San Diego-based Biosym Technologies. Paulo co-founded and was the CEO of biotech and IT companies like Biobras Software and Steps Technologies, setting up disruptive projects like a web-based insulin dosage platform in collaboration with University of Miami and an award-winning Virtual Reality industrial training tool, as well the invention and deployment of the US first internet-based Learning Management System and development of educational software reaching millions of students in the US, Europe, and Asia. Paulo studied Electrical Engineering and Information Systems at UFMG – Minas Gerais Federal University in Brazil. Mr. Ferraz is currently BRICS/Emerging Markets Director at Newstar Ventures, an international investment fund headquartered in La Jolla.

Shahriar Shahid

Shahriar Shahid is a 30-year veteran in the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Medical Device Industries. Full hands-on involvement in all aspects of Manufacturing, Packaging, Transportation and Logistics, Assigning and Contract Negotiations with the international distributors. Aid in Sales and Marketing efforts of the represented companies including identification of the Distribution Targets, Volume Forecasting, Financial Analysis, Key Account Planning, Strategic Partnering, and establishing Sales Policy and Procedures. Unique blend of staff, line, and senior management experience and expertise include; Strategic Planning & Analysis, Project Management Business Development Client Relations.  For more than a decade Shahriar was Lead Architect, Clinical Development and Medical Affairs divisions at Amgen and earlier with Merck & Co, Inc., as a Systems and Business Analyst. Shahriar has a global network of experts in various countries to assess their medical and nutritional needs as it pertains to Batu Biologics.

Basir Sohail

Mr. Sohail brings more than 25 years of global experience in molecular, personalized medicine, companion diagnostics. Mr. Sohail has served on the Executive Management, Advisory Board for several companies including Consultant for Genetic Analysis Solutions Worldwide for Life Technologies, now Thermo Fisher Scientific. In the past he played the role of Vice President of Marketing for AutoGenomics, and as Vice President Commercial Operations for Thermo Electron Corporation (now Thermo-Fisher Scientific).  As Director of Worldwide Marketing at Vysis – Abbott Laboratories, he drove significant sales and profit growth through pharmacogenomic oncology initiatives (i.e. PathVysion® HER-2 diagnostic for Herceptin® therapy) and was responsible for business development, licensing, and strategic planning. As the U.S. Marketing Director for Diagnostica Stago (France) Mr. Sohail spearheaded major change initiatives to resolve corporate image and brand. He has also lived in UK as International Marketing Manager for Sigma Aldrich Corporation with responsibilities including new product launch and to establish a technical service and training center.